Instructions to Art

poetry and audio performance, 2020

If art’s only pleasure
is the pleasure of freedom,
is it art then.
when you lay in sun?

The sun
warms up my body
gets in my structure,
and my brain
while it appropriates
stuff from the internet.

Internet defines
gestures of my body,
moving fingers,
fantasies and their
materialization in Deja-vus.

Deja-vus send dreams
in an occult space:
There are no artists
who own the floating
delusions orbiting
in the gray hole of authorship.

One police officer confiscated
the gestures I stole from the internet.
They came back to my body later,
reincarnated in a vision.

I was in the middle of a street full of water.
There was something floating on the surface,
a window glass,
and over it some blueish,
cracked pieces of glass.
And over the blue ones,
there were many pink acrylic diamonds
arranged in rows.
A beautiful art installation,
i tried to take it home,
but it slipped through my fingers.